First consultation

Case history

Case history

First, we will discuss in detail your case history, your health and your goals.

The case history consists of your medical case history, including your previous musculoskeletal injuries, and your presenting complaint.

If appropriate, we may proceed to a physical examination.






Clinical examination of the back


We might leave the room to wash our hands to allow you a few moments to remove your outer clothing as necessary (you may want to wear shorts and or a vest top), to enable us to observe your overall posture and assess the quality of your muscles, tendons and ligaments to note their degree of tension, evaluate if they reproduce your pain, etc.

Next, we will evaluate how your spine and other joints are moving and we may perform additional tests, such as orthopaedic or neurological testing if necessary (e.g. test your reflexes) to identify the cause(s) of your presenting complaint.

After correlating your health history, presenting complaint and examination findings, we will endeavour to provide a diagnosis.







Gentle back treatment

Safe osteopathic treatment

We will then move on to your osteopathic treatment, which consists of manual techniques and occasionally medical acupuncture but only if you need it and give consent to it. However, we treat many patients without using dry needling.

Osteopathic treatment is gentle and safe. A wide range of  techniques will be used to suit your needs, ranging from specific massage techniques, articulation of the joints and manipulative techniques to cranial osteopathy and functional techniques, to name a few. For more details, please on this link.

Functional rehabilitation will be included in the treatment.




Piriformis stretch

Piriformis stretch

We may discuss home exercises and challenges to maintain the benefits from treatment and speed up your recovery.

However, please note that you may be referred to your GP at any time of the consultation if necessary for your own safety.






Follow up consultation

Follow up consultations or subsequent consultations last approximately 30 minutes for a straight forward case. However, your treatment time may last up to 45 minutes depending on the presenting complaint. This will be discussed with you on the first consultation.

The session starts with your comments about how your presenting complaints have evolved since your last treatment, which includes the positive and the negative. Additional questions may be asked to clarify your comments.

This is followed by an examination and a treatment. Advice from previous treatments may be reviewed.