Keep up the diet – Tips

1- When you go out for a drink: in addition of your alcoholic drink always order water and make sure that you drink more water than alcohol.

2- If you are brave and have decided that you are not going to drink alcohol at all, but you do not want to feel pressure from your peers: drink sparkling water and say it is G&T. People will finally leave you alone.

3- If your friends are telling you that you are looking great and that you should stop dieting, do not listen to them if you have not reached your target.

4- If you are invited for tea and your friends insist on giving cakes, sweets and other things that you know are going to slow down your weight loss, just explain that you are careful about your health and that you are watching your sugar levels.

5- Someone told me this trick, which I have never used, but may become handy. Before your friends serve you cake, just say you just had a snack and you would be really happy to take the cake home to taste it. Then taste a bite but share it with your kids or partner or eat it in the morning when it has the least consequences.

6- Eat in small plates: it helps reducing portions.

7- Make sure that you do not eat in front of the TV or in front or the computer. Eat at the table and “listen” to your body. The minute you feel full: stop eating.

8- Each time you want to snack as you open the packet of crisps, of chocolate, etc., think: WHY? Am I hungry? Am I upset? Am I thirsty? Why? and then rethink of your target and ask yourself if it is worth slowing or stopping your slimming process.

9- Book a consultation with a qualified nutritionist. she will give you the best advice in term of what you should eat, portion, when, etc.

10- And finally: DO NOT GIVE UP