Anne Iarchy

“Sabine is very knowledgeable. At the first treatment she checks you totally out and pinpoints the problem area. Then using manipulations she slowly releases what’s wrong. All the time explaining what she does and why she’s doing it, what you’ll feel, and what to expect. She then explains if you need follow up treatments and what she will do during those. As well as showing you some exercises to do to keep the part she released lose. I would recommend anyone to Sabine who is looking for a good, knowledgeable, and nice osteopath.”

Janice Dalton

“Sabine treated my daughter within two sessions she was much more informed about posture / spinal issues and has had no further back pain. Confident in recommending further.”

Janet Horsley

“Sabine is extremely knowledgeable about her subject. On the first consultation she does a detailed examination to pinpoint what is causing the problem. She then reviews these findings at each visit before deciding what areas most need to be worked on. I feel very confident that I am in expert hands. The fact that she is a qualified yoga instructor is a bonus as this is a great combination of knowledge.”

Yvonne White

“Sabine has been treating my hip and knee problems and made a world of difference to my overall pain free mobility and endurance throughout an entire days work where I am on my feet the whole time. her knowledge is excellent, her integrity unquestionable and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Sabine, life is a lot more comfortable these days.”

Faye Watts

“Sabine is my regular osteopath and I very much recommend her services. She is incredibly good at her work and has always been helpful and her treatments are always effective. Thanks Sabine for keeping me supple!”

Caroline Chenier

“Apart from her professionalism, Sabine is extremely thorough, unbelievably. Each time you visit her, she checks you from head to toe. She also works on more than just a localised area of pain.”

Charles Edwards

“I hired Sabine because she was recommended by a fellow BNI member. My situation is complex but Sabine has fully understood and in the time we had available made a great deal of difference. I will definitely be using Sabine regularly once my hospital treatment has finished.”

Sundesh Hemraj

“I was introduced to Sabine through my Wife Rita’s networking group as I had an issue with my figures locking up in the mornings (unable to fully clench and unclench them). I had a brief conversation/consultation with Sabine, and found her to be very caring and concise in her information gathering. She identified the issue that I had as trigger finger and gave me a treatment, which made the issue feel ten times better almost immediately. Sabine also gave me some massages and exercises to do over the following days/weeks. I followed this for about 3 weeks and found the issue had pretty much been resolved. I would recommend anyone to try Sabine out, and I am sure you will find her to be as great an Osteopath as I did.”

Lynette Gold

“I had limited movement in my neck due to a whiplash injury. Sabine took a full background of my medical history and the incident. I was given lots of good advice regarding my posture and exercises to keep my movement fluid.After gentle manipulations, the problem was quickly resolved. Sabine is very knowledgeable in her field and I recommend her to anyone that needs help with limited movement following a car accident.”

Bambos Eracleous

“I started seeing Sabine as I had a few aches and pains as a result of regular excercise. As well as helping with the immediate injuries, Sabine also talked me through how to prevent further ones through strectching. One year on, I am still following the programme that Sabine set me and even though I only saw her a handful of times she made a big difference. I definitely recommend her.”

Nitzan Marinov

“I have been suffering from a frozen back for over a year. I tried different methods, exercises and treatments to relieve the pain, including seeing an osteopath. Nothing seems to have worked. I heard from 2 friends that Sabine was a good osteopath and decided to try her. She was excellent! She treated me with advanced techniques and gave me some unusual exercises to do. I am so pleased with the result of my treatment that I have recommended her to 3 more people by now. I am very grateful to her for her skill and high level of professionalism. Thanks, Sabine!”

Amanda Botero

“Sabine is an excellent Osteopath, I have required her services a few times and have had the best results. She has also provided me with acupuncture with fantastic results.
I will continue to use her services and have no hesitation in recommending her.
If you have a bad back, creaky neck or any other related problem Sabine will know what to do.
Thanks Sabine you are a star.