Modified traditional Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga has existed in India for thousands of years. The ultimate goal of yoga is to reach enlightenment.

There are many different types of yoga. Most of them are based on the eight limbs of yoga, which include moral injunctions, rules for personal conduct, postures, breathing control, abstraction from exterior perception, concentration, meditation and liberation.

Whichever type of yoga is chosen, the approach is holistic as all the components of the individuals are addressed in their quest for spirituality. For example, Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga, based on the eight limbs of yoga, that focuses on body control, balance and regulation of vital energies to reach self-realisation. Similarly, the individual who practises Raja yoga, also based on the eight limbs of yoga, concentrates mostly on meditation to attain enlightenment.

In Western countries there are different ways of teaching and learning yoga: some focus on its spiritual aspect, others concentrate on its therapeutic effects and others emphasise its potential for self-development. Nevertheless, the most commonly practiced yoga in the West is inspired by Hatha yoga, focusing upon physical discipline to join mind and body.

Yoga meditation

A typical yoga session with Sabine

It consists of performing various postures associated with specific breathing techniques. The end of the session will be dedicated to entering a state of deep relaxation. Occasionally, Sabine will propose an introduction to meditation.

She focuses on each posture being performed properly and being maintained through  breathing and high levels of concentration rather than only being held through only physical efforts. In this perspective, she ensures that her students do not injure themselves and benefit from each posture.

She uses props such as straps and cushions to make sure that her students can do each posture safely.

She teaches yoga classes to all age groups, except children. She gives lessons to individuals with various chronic conditions or physical impairments. Please contact me for more information.